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Harley Quinn's Haven: News and Goss!
23 July 2011 @ 09:27 am
First being there's gonna be a new little Lego Harley coming out... and those at SDCC can check it out at the Lego Booth!

Second is that the first reviews of 'Batman Live' are coming out - and are mostly positive. But, even better, Harley is apparently the best of the bunch in terms of depiction and performance (we'll leave the costume out of the equasion!)! How friggin' awesome is that?

There's also this write-up of the whole she-bang by alocin - including good coverage of the JokerxHarley content!

FINALLY... an actual CLIP OF HARLEY AND JOKER IN THE SHOW! Very dodgy, filmed by someone in the audience - but good enough to get a sense of the scale of the production (amazing) and also to hear that Harley’s voice work is *excellent*. At this distance, it’s hard to tell about her performance but it seems pretty damn good & those pigtails look a little like liliripes bobbling around.

This is the ‘down swing’ side of JokerxHarley, pretty on the money… delivered with enough poignancy to be a bit heart-stabbing…

Harleypalooza is on tomorrow at SDCC if you are lucky enough to be there. I'm not - I was supposed to be, but had a really bad tragedy in my life and so I'm stuck here. Sucks to be me right now, and I wish I were lying. But if you are at SDCC, definitely go and play with the others at Harleypalooza - it should be a really fun gathering!
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Harley Quinn's Haven: News and Goss!
21 July 2011 @ 02:48 pm
Sorry, something went nutty the first time, here it is again!

Me and Tara Strand of Gotham Public Works joined forces to bring you... HARLEY PLAYS WITH HERSELF!

When Harley's bored, lonely, and too sick for the usual company, what can possibly get her through? Why, a playtime visit from Harley, of course!! Sometimes all you need is someone you can be yourself with... GET IT??
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Harley Quinn's Haven: News and Goss!
21 July 2011 @ 12:11 pm
Me and Tara Strand of Gotham Public Works joined forces to bring you... HARLEY PLAYS WITH HERSELF!

<iframe width="640" height="390" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/4FZOUViNKJQ" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

When Harley's bored, lonely, and too sick for the usual company, what can possibly get her through? Why, a playtime visit from Harley, of course!! Sometimes all you need is someone you can be yourself with... GET IT??
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Harley Quinn's Haven: News and Goss!
12 July 2011 @ 08:38 pm
Not a great week for me - a serious tragedy occured and as a result I can no longer go on my epic trip around the world, including stop-offs at SDCC & Dragon*Con. Them's the breaks, I guess. We'll try again next year.

Harleypalooza & the accompanying protest is STILL going ahead... all the details are on facebook so keep up to date there!

So just a few little pieces of interest...

The website Brother-Eye has a nice interview with Arleen Sorkin on it that is a couple of years old but still a good read for those who missed it. She even makes a little comment on JokerxHarley: "Harleen, having once been a therapist, has touched onto his vulnerability. She knows who he is underneath. That’s what keeps her there."

I've done a couple of interviews recently on Harley's redesign and the Harleypalooza protest at SDCC... read them here:
Rants of a Comic Book Purist
Interview with the Gorgeous Harley Quinn

At 3:40 seconds in this next clip we see & hear the first clear footage of Harley in Arkham City!

Here's the original preview for Joker's Favour before the episode ever debuted on television - cute!!!

Harley Quinn's Haven: News and Goss!

First of all, for more information, an interview I did for the website comicbookmovie.com on Harleypalooza and the reesign of Harley Quinn.

As you may be aware by now, the Harleypalooza meetup at SDCC 2011 will also be a playful protest against Harley's new design for Suicide Squad in the upcoming DCNU reboot. We want to have fun with this and not make it too serious or heavy - but keep it to Harley's joking spirit whilst letting our feelings be known at the same time!

Even if you can't come to SDCC we would like you to be a part of the protest if that interests you. Fan & cosplayer Trini Quinn is compiling a banner of photos of other HQ cosplayers from around the world that we will carry so you can be there "in spirit".
If you want to take part, please send a photo of you in your classic Harley costume to:

The banner needs to be ready by the 13th July so please send your photos off immediately! Trini has asked all photos be of the classic costume Harley. If you want to include yourself holding a banner, then please do so - but remember SDCC is a FAMILY event and do NOT use any swear words or words like 'slut', 'whore', etc.
*Offensive signs may be confiscated by convention officials or we may even be asked to leave.*

Another thing we're doing is compiling a video of fan reactions. If you have the resources, film yourself reacting to the new design and send the video clip to me at:

Be as creative as you want! Dress up in a costume, perform a skit, sing a song - or just be yourself and state your feelings simply - whatever you're comfortable with!

The finished video will be put up on my youtube channel (636 subscribers) and used to generate more interest in our campaign.

Remember: we are keeping the focus here on FUN. Try to make your video playful and light-hearted whilst still being sincere about your feelings.
Please DO NOT use the following words in your video:
- Slut, skank, whore, tramp, trash, hooker, cheap, tart, prostitute, stripper, hussy, ho
- ANY swear words
The main reason being is that we're trying to keep this family-friendly for wide distribution and recognition! ESPECIALLY as a bit of media interest has begun and we want MORE.

Finally, if you are coming to Harleypalooza and you are cosplaying as the new design - don't be afraid!!!!! We will still welcome you with open arms. ALL Harleys are welcome. We understand totally that cosplayers may want to wear this costume - we are just trying to communicate to DC that we don't want this change to last! So please still feel free to come along to Harleypalooza, you will be included and no one will pick on you.

That's all for now! Please get cracking on your photos and videos, we'd love for everyone to be involved!
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Harley Quinn's Haven: News and Goss!
So back in September last year (2010), a bunch of us fans got the 'DC, Reunite Joker & Harley Already!' campaign. There was a post put up here about it, a page dedicated to it on www.jokerxharley.com (see 'Campaign') and, of course, the facebook group.

The facebook group generated a lot of discussion amongst fans and we kept each other encouraged in our letter-writing, sharing our letters with each other that we both posted and emailed to DC Comics.

We kept this up for a good five-six months before we finally began to see our letters getting acknowledged and published in the newly-reinstated letters page of Gotham City Sirens.

The boon came most recently with the story of Joker & Harley's ongoing reunion in the current story-arc of GCS. The following was printed by the editor:

It was fantastic to have this acknowledgement from DC that they were hearing us and taking onboard our pleas.

But then DC dropped the news of the reboot onto us along with the horror of Harley's redesign and the seeming plotline of her having been taken away from the Joker... AGAIN.

So DC read our letters - but were they just throwing us a bone before the reboot changed everything up?

The reboot is in effect, so it's a moot point as of right now.

But if DC heard us before, they will hear us again.

So this is another callout to keep writing to DC! Keep urging them to put Harley & Joker back together for a good long while. Keep telling them what this ship means to you. Keep telling them they're your favourite part about comics. Keep telling them they're just not the same without each other.

THIS IS THE DC COMICS LETTER PAGE! Use it to easily send in your letter!

This worked before, it can work again! The trick is to not let them forget us or think we're over it. Regular, consistent reminders to them that we want our favourite clown couple making merry mischief will lead to results, dagnabit!



Hey, if anyone loves to ramble about these two, it's me. You all know that! But DC, by and large, just doesn't care. The creative teams & editors are too busy to read long, rambling, philosophical meta essays. Many DC staff trawl the internet and read fans' websites, but they do that on their own time. SO. Don't carry on. Tell them simply: I miss Joker and Harley being together as a couple. Please don't let this reboot keep them apart. They really add something unique to the Batman world. Put them back together again!

Yeah, I'm angry, you're angry, we're all angry. Save it for the internet. Keep it upbeat, light-hearted, friendly and POSITIVE! Keep it to the basic information. Mention how much you enjoyed past stories with the two together and how you can't wait to read some more - they're such a great couple and their stories are always so fun and entertaining.

Seriously, click the link, type the letter and hit send. Don't just talk, take action!
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Harley Quinn's Haven: News and Goss!
14 June 2011 @ 01:08 pm
The merchandise and appearances pages on the Haven have been updated! Yay!

If you watch & listen to this video closely you can hear some more of Tara Strong's HQ voicework in the background. It sounds as though she really has captured the spirit of Harley Quinn very beautifully!

Nice work, Tara!!

In other HQ-related news, fans continue to pour out their rage and grief about Harley's redesign on the interwebs. HQ fan SIROSE has summed up a lot of fans' more incoherent or unspoken thoughts in this really great post. There's been a bit of follow-on dialogue in response to general fan reactions in this post by me, this one by Trini Quinn and this one by The Rizinosaur.

Finally, something very exciting to announce from the Land Down'Unda... me and a friend have teamed up with a local burlesque club to release the following one-off special event to coincide with the Supanova Convention!


...a sequence of drawings arranged in interrelated panels! Join us with our first issue and experience the world of Super Heroes, Villains and more!!!

June 18
at "34B Bar" on historical Oxford St in the heart of Sydney City.
Level 2, The Exchange Hotel, 44 Oxford St, Darlinghurst 2010
Doors @7pm / Entry $15 full - $10 concession

COSPLAYERS: Feel free to come in costume!

* Venue is wheelchair accessible via an elevator: please let us know in advance if at all possible.

* Early finish time of 11.00pm so all you cosplayers can get your beauty sleep in readiness for Supanova on Sunday!

Limited table/seating booking available, $20pp. Follow link to purchase tickets!

Brisbane was brought to its knees, now it's Sydney's turn...

Join Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn along with friends such as Wonder Woman, Jeannie (as in I Dream Of) and more yet to be announced for an evening of delectable and devious delights as they prance, dance and entrance their way through a sizzling burlesque extravaganza!

This event showcases burlesque paying homage to pop culture in all its forms - cartoons, movies, television shows, video games and comic books!

Evelyn Ellenor as "Poison Ivy"
Ginger Snap as "Harley Quinn" (THAT'S ME!)
Sheena Miss Demeanour as "Jeannie"
La Bec as "Wonder Woman"
Herbie Strangelove as "Dante (Devil May Cry)"
Columbina Silk as "Resident Evil Pinup Cutie"
Cherry Lush as "The Borg Queen"

with our man at the mic "Lionel Luthor" (Mr Gallery Burlesque)

& newly crowned Miss Burlesque Sydney Lucille Spielfuchs as "Jack Sparrow"

as well as Australian Burlesque Legend: Glitta Supanova as "Smurfette"

special guest BATMAN!!!


STRICTLY no photography of stage/show!!! But will have performers available for happy-snaps through out the night!!!

As you can see, our lineup is AMAZING! In addition to :iconevelynellenor: and I, we've got the lovely :iconharleyrosailes: as well as highly regarded artists from the burlesque scene like SHEENA MISS DEMEANOUR, longtime burlesque legend GLITTA SUPANOVA (incidentally, Glitta was my first inspiration to even do burlesque) and Miss Burlesque Sydney LUCILLE SPIELFUCHS!
So we can absolutely guarantee a night of stellar entertainment!!


Also, for those who are interested, here's the details of the upcoming reboot comic book that redesigned Harley will be making her debut in:

Writer: Adam Glass
Art: Marco Rudy
Harley Quinn! Deadshot! King Shark! They’re a team of death-row super villains recruited by the government to take on missions so dangerous – they’re sheer suicide! Who will be the first to crack under the pressure? Find out in SUICIDE SQUAD #1, written by Adam Glass (FLASHPOINT: LEGION OF DOOM) with art by Marco Rudy (THE SHIELD).
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Harley Quinn's Haven: News and Goss!
10 June 2011 @ 11:55 am

I'll give you all a few moments to run to the bathroom, spew, and come back.


Yeah. It's fucking awful. Worse than anything we'd previously imagined or considered possible. Not only is that "redesign" completely UN-HARLEY in EVERY WAY, SHAPE AND FORM, but she's not even working alongside the Joker... DESPITE DC HAVING STATED IN GOTHAM CITY SIRENS THAT THEY'D HEARD THE PLEAS OF THE FANS AND PUT THEM BACK TOGETHER!

I actually don't have time to do a huge rant on why this is so awful right now (I'm working on a burlesque show I'm performing tomorrow night!) so instead, I'm linking to a bunch of fan reactions with some comments by me from tumblr:
Giving Up on DC
This Is Terrible
Pissed Off
What's Wrong With This
Messed Up Harley Quinn
My Initial Reaction

If you're feeling upset like us, the Reunite JokerxHarley Group on facebook is overflowing with similar rage. There is also new groups like WE LOVE THE ORIGINAL HARLEY QUINN & DC ORIGINAL PROTEST WALK.

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