Harley Quinn's Haven: News and Goss! (hqhaven) wrote,
Harley Quinn's Haven: News and Goss!

Harley Quinn Redesign Postcard Protest!

Let DC Comics hear your voice and join in this old-fashioned letter-writing campaign!

Email me privately at harleyquinnhaven@gmail.com with your postal address** and you will receive 5 postcards (image above), fully addressed to DC Comics with blank space for you and your friends to write your message to DC: that the direction they're taking Harley in (particularly her redesign) is NOT one you, as a fan, can tolerate!

If we want DC to take notice that this "new look" is not winning us over, we need to be proactive and make sure they get the message!

If you can afford it, a donation of $5 (via paypal to harleyquinnhaven@gmail.com) to help cover costs would be appreciated. Donations will be used to help:
* Pay for printing costs ($55 per 100 cards)
* Purchase the envelopes the cards will be mailed to participants in
* Postage of the cards to participants all over the world
If you can't afford to donate, don't worry - I am still happy to send you cards because I want everyone who cares to be able to get involved!

SO PLEASE: send me your postal addresses so we can get this campaign under way! If enough of us send in postcards, DC will have to take note!

**IF YOU'RE WONDERING WHO THE HELL I AM** that's a reasonable query!!! Check out my work for Harley Quinn fandom at http://www.harleyquinnaid.com/
I've been a HQ for about 14 years now and running my website www.harley-quinn.com for about that same length of time - it's known as the best HQ resource out there. I'm a passionate HQ fan and doing this for the love of the character.
Your mailing address will not be used for any purpose other than mailing the postcards to you, will be kept entirely confidential and will be discarded once your cards have been sent!!
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