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Fan Projects Galore!

As a Harley Quinn fan, I've got a bunch of pretty exciting personal announcements to make...

As some of you may know, I have teamed up with a dear friend of mine to create "GOTHAM FATALE" - a B:TAS accurate real-life representation of Harley & Ivy! We met 2 years ago at GenCon and have since hung out at several cons together as H&I since. During this, we discovered we have a lot of loves and interests in common... and even an authentic Harley & Ivy dynamic! Since we have such similar visions and aspirations we decided to join forces, creating GOTHAM FATALE.

So, what does Gotham Fatale DO?

At the basic level, we strive to create as authentic and realistic a representation of the two characters as possible - as though we stepped off the page! We are in-character at conventions and interact with people accordingly. But we are taking our vision further than that... we are realising our dream of creating, performing and hosting geek-themed burlesque events to coincide with the big conventions around Australia! We've already had our first, "COMIC STRIP", which we hosted for Supanova back in June this year. We teamed up with amazing neo-burlesque events "GALLERY BURLESQUE" in order to bring this night to life, and they really helped us create something fantastic, unqiue and fun, going the extra-mile to make this event happen in just over a week! It was a smash success, introducing many geeks to burlesque for the first time and showing seasoned burlesque fans a different side of the artform! In addition to ourselves appearing as Harley & Ivy, we also had Wonder Woman, Jack Sparrow, Jeannie, the Borg Queen and She-Hulk, to name but a few. It was a totally fantastic night full of fun, saucy and quality burlesque and great people.

Well, we are super-excited to announce we have joined forces with Gallery Burlesque once more to bring to the Sydney Fringe Festival: SECRET IDENTITY.

Mr G.B has come up with some dazzling ideas to make this event even more special than Comic Strip: at a secret location, there will be a screening of a DC documentary to start the festivities off, as well as a photo-booth - so costume & cosplay is not only encouraged but DESIRABLE - free cocktails and, of course, more fantastic Burlesque than you can shake a stick at - there's even a little BOYLESQUE so we've got all bases covered! Here's the line-up we've got:

Ginger Snap as Harley Quinn (that's me!)
Evelyn Ellenor as Poison Ivy
Frankie Faux as Tank Girl
Cherry Lush as Elvira
Sheena Miss Demeanour as Sheena Queen of the Jungle
Defy as The Joker
Betty Grumble as Captain America
Herbie Strangelove as Howl from "howls moving castle"
Delilah DuMoan as Squirrel Girl
Glitta Supanova as She-Hulk
Lucille Spielfuchs as Jack sparrow
Bella louche as the Vulcan vixen
Memphis Mae as Red Sonja
Baby Blue Bergman as Brigitte Bardot in "Comic Strip"
& La Bec as Wonder Woman

with special guest BATMAN

and hosted by Mr GB as Peter Parker (SpiderMan)

TIME: 7.30pm doors open
LOCATION: Midian, Marrickville, Sydney
TICKETS: Standing $15, table of 4 $100

Of course, we will have a few surprises throughout the night as well... a special guest or two! Really, this evening is gonna knock your socks off!! In keeping with the 'fringe' festival, this is at a secret underground location, so you have to pre-book your tickets to get the address. It's located in Marrickville and is a fantastic arts-space with plenty of room and a knock-out stage so you don't miss any of the action! SO BOOK YOUR TICKETS HERE to make sure you don't miss out on a night to remember!

In addition to this all-too-exciting and quickly-approaching evening of geeky debauchery to look forward to, Gotham Fatale have recently been honoured to have been invited as OFFICIAL AMBASSADORS for AUSCON 2011. Auscon is a convention with a difference: It's ALL about the fans. A gaming convention, Auscon offers myriad activities to choose from, enough to satisfy ALL gamers of all types. In order to make Auscon really special, they also encourage and welcome cosplay, and this year are having a burlesque event on the Saturday night - naturally, in theme of course - so expect more delightful geeky burlesque featuring characters from your favourite games, comics, shows and movies! Gotham Fatale are not participating in organising this evening, but we will be there as special guests - performing, of course, as Harley and Ivy - maybe even with a double-act for double the fun!

In addition to that, our roles as Ambassadors will include posing for photos, hosting panels on cosplay and our characters, judging cosplay events and interacting in character. We're really proud and pleased to have been invited to act as Ambassadors for Auscon, particularly with their ethos of delivering a convention aimed at fully satisfying the passions of the fans, and cannot WAIT to see you all there!

It's being held in Brisbane of QLD, Australia on the first weekend of October - 1st - 2nd. Tickets are available now so make sure you nab yours!

More information about the burlesque evening to come!

I also want to promote a project being created by a friend of mine, Kate Quinn - she's creating an international Harley cosplayer collaboration video that is going to be pretty special.
Basically, what you have to do is this: film yourself, in costume (any HQ costume) miming to a favourite song. You can make it as fancy or as simple as you want. The deadline for it has been extended into October to allow folks time to get themselves organised and get something awesome filmed! The final video will be published on her youtube channel and is sure to be a dazzling spectable! So definitely be part of it!
More information about it is HERE.

If you are a Harley Quinn cosplayer, there is a facebook group for you! The group is closed and strictly for HQ cosplayers, so it doesn't get cluttered with superfluous posts. It's a great place to network, share achievements, ideas, tips and just generally geek-out over Harley love! It's okay if you don't have a full costume yet, so long as you've got a photo of it in progress (no matter how little) somewhere in your facebook profile. It's also for all costumes - from the variety of canon options to original twists on her look. Currently, there are 150 HQ cosplayers from over the world who are members - whoda thunk there would be so many!?!
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