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Batman Live

Welp, all reports are coming out that Poppy Tierney as Harley Quinn is pretty much the best damn thing about Batman Live!
After the shock horror of the godawful costume design for the show, this is a huge relief and very welcome news!

It's also more than a little bittersweet for me - this past Sunday, the 29th, I had tickets for the show in London, before my overseas trip got cancelled. I came -THIS- close to seeing this performance in the flesh (from really good seats, too) and it was snatched away. :( This makes me very, very sad I have to say. I would've loved to have been amongst the first to see this performance that is unanimously being reported as fantastic. Excuse me, I have for-reals tears in my eyes right now... boo hoo. :(

Anyway... I've gathered up a slew of news articles on the show that mention Poppy specifically... have a read and join me in seething jealousy and heartache of all the people who get to see this show!

The Good Review
The Stage
Bleeding Cool
Currently Captivated
Pink Ink Comics
Whats On Stage
Flickering Myth
The Northern Echo
Northern Phase
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