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Livejournal was down for quite a while there - I wrote this at the beginning of last week but only just got around to posting it!

Well, San Diego Comic Con is over for another year... I spent the weekend trying to distract myself whilst still fertively checking updates and feeling sorrowful and depressed my long-anticipated was last-minute cancelled. Booo!

Harleypalooza went ahead - unfortunately there was a bit of a mixup. A lot of people arrived at midday, the scheduled time, but the protest didn't start until much later and there was only a handful of Harleys left. So there was sort of two Harleypaloozas! But no matter what time anyone was there, everyone looked wonderful and did a fantastic job!

The protest also got a fair bit of media coverage, with photos and videos too! Here's a round-up:

DC reboot protesters march to, tape signs on DC Comic-Con booth (Blastr)
Fan Protest of DC Comics Relaunch Results in Small Turnout [Comic-Con] (Comics Alliance)
Fox News Interviews The DC New 52 Relaunch Protest (Bleeding Cool/Fox)
SDCC 2011: Costumed Fans Gather to Protest the DCnU (Newsarama)

Apparently Jim Lee could only justify Harley's redesign by saying that (paraphrase): "people liked how she looked in Arkham Asylum". SIIIIIGGGHHHHH. SO way to not get it, Lee. I mean, c'mon... part of the fun in having alternate versions of Harley is that we still have the classic original to go back to. We can freely love and enjoy the other 'looks' cos they're in other continuities - other worlds - while we know we still have classic Harley to rely on. Now you've taken that away from us! And it's stupid and nonsensical. Grrrrr.

Meanwhile, this article on Comics Alliance has them saying this about Harley: With regards to the cover, DC acknowledged negative reaction to the scantily clad Harley Quinn by saying "provocative is good." Later, a woman who said she named her children Talia and Harley asked why Harley Quinn looks so sinister on the cover. Glass said that he didn't draw the cover and that while she has a new outfit, Harley Quinn has the same bubbly personality she's always had, and that the fan will "certainly be able to recognize the character."
Provocative is good? Really? That tired old "any publicity is good publicity" crapola? C'mon. If you have to resort to knee-jerk shock-value tactics to get attention, chances are there's not much substance to the project. It IS nice to hear that she'll be the same character - but why the radically different, OOC look then? Oh right, cos Jim Lee is pig-headed. Gotcha.

The full-length look of HQ has also been released now - this has been floating around the web for a few days and I've blogged it elsewhere already but livejournal has been screwy so you've probably seen this already, but what the hey:

Just what exactly is with Jim Lee's current obsession with stirrups? For real? They look STUPID.

I was also sent this AMAZING photo of the upcoming Tango with Evil two-pack... purrrrrs... can't wait for it to be released! <3

Tara Stong - the talented voice actress who took over Arleen Sorkin for Arkham City - kindly tagged me in this photo of her standing next to a beautiful maquette of Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn!

Sadly, there were also many reports out of SDCC that DC Staff at panels were less than respectful on the subject of female representation in both staff and comic books. One particularly brave woman asked a few tough questions and was dismissed and ridiculed in response. In response, there has been a huge backlash amongst fans about this behaviour and part of that has been the initiating of this petition:
DC Comics: Hire More Women-- Here's A Few To Get You Started.
I've signed this petition and over 50 people I know have signed it as well. I highly advocate signing it! It only takes a minute and is an important statement to make.

Furthermore, there is a really excellent article on the subject here, written by a dude even - that's awesome!
Sexism, Courage, and Heroism: truth to power isn’t bullying
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